Modular Facility Sign

For interior signage, you can’t go wrong with a well-designed modular system. Modular signage is available in numerous styles, but the precision engineered components ensure each sign look and perfom as it is designed. Modular signage solutions can easily be combined with decorative backer, resulting in eye-catching systems that effectively brand facilities in the minds of their visitors. Modular sign systems are designed to have an expensive look without the accompanying high price tag. Modular signage lends itself well to value engineering, since interchangeable components render it a stylish solution that can enchance the décor of built environments.

Aluminium Pylon Signage

Pylon signs are used for exterior architectural and commercial aluminum signage. Pylon systems create unique & attractive signage. These systems create a variety of small to large size vertical, horizontal, square and triangular sign structures for primary or secondary identification, monument signs, wayfinding, parking and directional applications. Pylons are constructed with internal supports and mounting posts which are directly embedded in the ground using base plates. Removable access panels with countersunk fasteners form the outer façade of the sign. Durable heavy guage aluminum is utilized. Long –lasting, low VOC acrylic polyurethane paint finish is applied to give a long lasting impression.

Billboards & Road Signs

We provide high quality Road signs including Traffic signs & directional signs. Aluminum profile road sign with reflective graphics ensures your sign’s longevity & sleek & stylish looks. Aluminum signs are shiny and 3M engineering grade vinyl graphics help them reflect light at night so they are bright and clearly visible to incoming traffic. A billboard also called a hoarding is a large outdoor advertising structure typically found in high-traffice areas such as alongside major highway. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Billboards can be unipole or multy polar. They can be front lit or backlit. Monument signs are another type of road sign usally made from marble or granite with different metals used for decoration and text.

LightBox Signs

Outdoor light box signs easily identify your organization, promotion or services. An illuminated sign will attract traffic and bring them inside your store or business. High impact outdoor lightbox signs will showcase your advertisement in a compelling backlit graphic display. Our outdoor lighted display signs offer a complete sign & poster display solution for branding and advertising your marketing strategies. We offer a wide variety of light box sign solutions to meet your needs while working within your budget. Lightbox sings are generally used for storefront, corporate, interior and exterior mall signs, restaurants. Our light box signs are fabricated using steel or aluminum frame with florescent or LED illumination. Lightbox signs can be single sided, double sided, wall mounted or hanging. Lightbox can have translucent acrylic face or PVC flexible substrate face. Light box signs are the most common form of outdoor signs and are a very economic advertising solution.

Aluminium LightBox

For an elegant looking sign you cannot go wrong with an aluminum powder coated finish lightbox. Aluminum lightbox are lightweight, compact and elegant. With LED module lighting the light is homogeneously diffused and with UV high resolution digital printing the rendering is optimal and exquisite. Due to corrosion resistant nature of Aluminum and protection of Powder coated paint an Aluminum lightbox sign will maintain its exceptional looks for years to come. The possibilities are endless for a creative sign that will help your brand stand out and be noticed. You can go for classic look, wood finish, metallic finish. The message can be embossed or plain.

Popup with counter

These display accessories can effortlessly grab your customer’s attention and with its easy to setup feature, it takes less time to stand your booth in any event. It is also portable making it a convenient display in any of your marketing affair. Pop up displays are accompanied by a frame that simply ‘pop up’ and can be assembled in minutes. You can also bring it anywhere and can be reused many times. Popup stands are able to be assembled in seconds, which is why they are such a popular choice for marketers. The system comes with magnetic bars clipping to a popup frame, for ultimate ease and convenience. Popup stand s are created with durability in mind. The stand itself is made from sections of aluminum tubes to ensure that they remain both durable and as lightweight as possible.