LED Display

LED lighting is the ideal solution for most any lighting application. LED light technology is fast becoming the preferred choice for lighting channel letters, display signs, retail signs and more. Their brilliant light, affordability, durability, versatility and cost effectiveness make them extremely attractive. LED module lights are extremely energy efficient and lead to extensive savings on energy bills. Module LED lights are very bright, they provide superior durablilty to neon while still offering extremely bright light. Pixel LED provides added dimension of flashing changing color lights which enhance attractiveness of the sign.

Cutting & Engraving

We have a wide range of CNC cutting and engraving machines for different materials. CNC router is primarily used for cutting & engraving wood, acrylic, brass & aluminum. Laser machine is used to cut acrylic which gives crystal finish. For precision cutting of metals & steel, Water Jet machine is used. In short no matter what material you have we got the tools to cut it for you and with the precision & accuracy of CNC you get the best possible finish & save a lot of money and time.

ACP Cladding

ACP or Aluminum Composite Panel cladding is popular for its use in signage and building façade. The uniqueness of ACP is despite being light weight it is sturdy in construction. These are videly used in designing transient structures such as trade show booths. The cladding is corrosion resistant and has high shine and durability. ACP panels are used in those applications where high structural rigidity and low weight is required. ACP is popular because of its low cost, durability, efficiency, flexibility, low weight and easy forming and processing allow for innovative design with increased rigidity & durability.